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Lucid Elixir is the premier supplement of its kind designed to facilitate lucid dreaming.

Inspired by cutting edge research in sleep science, our premium formula puts you at the helm of your subconscious, delivering more visually stimulating and memorable dreams than you’ve experienced before. With proven nootropic ingredients, Lucid Elixir can help you go from merely observing your dreams to taking part in them.

Benefits of Dreaming

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    Dreaming isn’t all just fun and games. Recent collaborations in sleep science and psychology have shown dreaming to be a potential evolutionary remedy for such mental health issues as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.1

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    World-renowned artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs alike have used dreaming as a source for new ideas. Paul McCartney is said to have uncovered his favorite Beatles song, Yesterday, in a dream while Jack Nicklaus reportedly found his career-changing golf grip catching z’s.2

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    Dreaming has long been associated with memory retention, but new research is revealing that it may be one of the primary reasons why we sleep in the first place. During REM sleep your brain undergoes maintenance, consolidating old memories with new experiences.3

Your sleep cycle

  • 1) One of your shortest and lightest stages of sleep, typically lasting only a few minutes. If you've ever had the experience of twitching while falling asleep, you were likely in Stage 1.

  • 2) Showing only a few bursts of activity, brainwave scans tell us your brain is beginning to slow down. Muscles intermittently relax and constrict as your body prepares for deeper sleep.

  • 3) Your body is now in deep sleep mode, where it initiates musculoskeletal maintenance and immune system recharge among other important housekeeping tasks.

  • 4) The tail end of your deep sleep phase, putting you in a slightly deeper state than Stage 3. Breathing and heart rates are at their lowest of the night.

  • 5) REM: Referring to Rapid Eye Movement, REM is your most dream-rich sleep stage. Immobility of major muscle groups sets in and brain activity spikes. This is where the magic happens.


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    With pharmacopeial roots dating back more than a millennium, this Chinese club moss derivative lends its name from its parent plant, Huperzia serrata. Traditionally used for muscle relaxation and body repair, Huperzine-A inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine (ACh), your brain’s key neurotransmitter for unlocking dream sleep stages. Ongoing experimental demonstrations of the compound’s memory retention and learning enhancement benefits make it the ideal 24-hour nootropic.5

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    Perhaps our formula’s most versatile ingredient. Melatonin is a multipurpose hormone, improving regulation of the body’s circadian rhythm while also acting as a wide-spectrum anti-oxidant, scavenging for unwanted free-radicals and improving immune function. Melatonin’s benefits extend even further into aspects of dreaming, amplifying your sleep cycle’s 3rd and 4th sleep stages to ensure your body a full night’s rest while enhancing REM Rebound.6

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    An amino acid derived from the seeds of the native Central and West African plant, Griffonia simplicofolia, 5-HTP is the direct molecular precursor to serotonin, your brain’s primary mood-controlling neurotransmitter.  Boosted serotonin levels promote deep, more restful sleep stages in the early evening. As the amino acid wears off, REM Rebound creates a more active dream state, delivering longer dreams with enhanced visual vividness.7


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    Why do we dream?

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